Website Design and Development

Do you need a brand new website design and development which is easy to manage, update and doesn’t cost a fortune at the beginning of your business creation? Join the large community of my loyal customers and let’s work on website design and development together! I will take care of a whole structure, functional UI and UX, design, colours, layout, pictures, attractive header and marvellous photography! Don’t try to make a website on your own and wasting your business time. Your time is precious, and only the right usage will lead your business on successful paths. Many years of website design and development learn me many things, and I will share all of them with you to create a brilliant website design.

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Website Design

Edinburgh vape web design
Edinburgh vape web design

Website Development

At the beginning of the process, we have to set basic items. What exactly are you looking for, if you are looking for an E-commerce shop, Service website, Portfolio Website or Blog. Then we have to choose the right domain. It is very important for your business, local business or worldwide business. The platform for your website. I usually recommend the WordPress platform for websites.  For the following reasons. As a first, WordPress is a very Google friendly platform, which is very important for Google Search. More than 75 million websites are powered by WordPress! WordPress is easily manageable, there is the possibility to expand the website with useful plugins and the connection between Google search is HUGE! The next steps are the design of your future website, set the right layout and visual. Whole-time we will work very close to each other, so you’ll have full control of your website. Before we finish all the work and website development, I’ll teach you how to replace the images, text and update forms. Let’s work together on your project, I guarantee 100% satisfaction!

coffee e-commerce website
coffee e-commerce website2

Responsive Website Design

Global website traffic in 2020 measured how many people using a mobile phone to search the web. And you know the right answer? 50.81 people using mobile phone for web browsing! That’s more than half of the average internet users. All of my websites are mobile-friendly and works perfectly on tablets too. It is very important to have a mobile-friendly website in 2021. Google algorithms, bots and crawlers testing the mobile-friendliness as a first, and desktop as the last. What does it mean? Bad website design and development for mobile phones mean low traffic on the website, less business and the worst place on Google Search.

barber shop website
nail salon website


Freelance graphic and motion designer based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. My specialisations are Motion Graphic Design, Social Media Advertising Design, and Web design..