What is Prototype and Prototyping?

Prototyping is our another service which we provide for a customers who purchased UI/UX design of software, mobile app or website.

Prototyping is creating the software applications or websites before they are developed. In simple way, you could see the visual of your mobile application, software, website before you place the fortune for developing.

Help for developers

Prototypes are very helpful in process of developing, because developers will get all the important documents, and also interactive mockup. You can test functionality of your app right in your smartphone. All the buttons are active, screens are fading in or sliding up and down. As a first it will save a time and your budget for developing.

Interactive app in your smartphone

As a owner of smartphone you are able to download app Protopie. We will send you a QR code with your final prototype and you can test and play with you software and make it better and better, there are no limitations.

prototype of bio band mobile application
prototype of event ticket user interface design mobile app