A great logo is not only icon or type, it is face of your company.A good visual mark or type treatment makes your company more memorable. When you look around now, you  can easily count up at least 20 different logos. They are scattered around us everywhere we go, are embedded in our culture, way of life and influence our minds during shopping. They influence our decisions, communicate and represent a company’s values, and are often full of meaning…


Do you know what is the main purpose of a logo, and why do they matter? This is something graphic designers and business owners really need to understand before working on their brand identity. The primary role of a logo is to identify… Identification is what really matters and nothing else. That’s it.

Graphic design, fashion and music trends come and go, design tools and techniques will evolve, what we perceive a logo to be may even drastically change with time, but for all eternity the single most important goal of a logo will always remain this:

Identify the person, product, business or service.


This means, as a designer (or business owner), before working on ideas designers need to fully understand the environment in which the logo will be seen, purpose and business strategy.  How can we differentiate the logo so the business stands out from the crowd?

No hidden meanings

Designers often designing a logo full of meaning. The main focus should be on identification. Any meaning or association will come with time through interaction with the logo. Trust me, the more time you spent on designing and difficult combinations or creating something original, less time you have to create simple and good logo what talk’s.

Logo is strategic tool

Why? Because logo interpret your vision, business model and services you provide. But rules been made to be broken. Not in all cases logo has to be an car if you are car dealer.

Designer role is not to design a thing of beauty… And not to design something designers or the client personally likes the look of. Logo has to be treated as a business tool, that will allow a company to be identified in the logo crowded world we live in. Of course, a logo can still look good, but that should be a secondary factor. Identification comes first.

bookstore logo design

So, what is the key element of good logo?

The world never been black and white, so don’t limit yourself during the logo design process. From another hand first logo concepts should be created and presented to the client in black and white colours to prevent any colour distraction.


Key factors of good logo

  • Bold, memorable, and appropriate
  • Recognizable
  • Consistent
  • Clearly communicates the company’s persona
  • Legally protectable
  • Has enduring value
  • Works well across media and scale
  • Works both in black-and-white and in colour

What else?

Remember, logo is not only a design mark or picture on business card. Your logo respires yourself, your company, business, products. Right logo will last. So be careful and always think about your brand if this or that logo design will last at least for decade, if you logo will be still perfect after you expand your business with other special services or products.

Everything & Everywhere

Very important is good feeling about your logo, because it will be on everything and everywhere, and that mark will represent your business and you face. If your logo is weak, you’re in trouble. Don’t rush this process, as your logo is for longer period or forever, you certainly don’t want to regret what you end up with.