–––––––Branding involves a lot more than just a logo. It is a process that connects a company’s visual identity to its overall strategy and core values. Every single unit of branding like logo, icon, colours, special elements interpret your brand. That’s the reason why all of them are so important for your business grow and be outstanding.

We always take a new project as a challenge to design remarkable and relative branding. Branding mean to us unforgettable icon, relative and professional colour palette, the feelings and shapes of something what symbolise you and your company.

business branding

We help you to set your logo design to make your business stronger.

creative logo

Our creative team design perfect logo suitable for your business.

creative color palette

Color finalization, final step to bring your logo to live.

branding ready

Your logo is ready to use! Oh, yes we have a business cards for you.


Bellow you can find our case studies with logo concepts, business cards, flyers and logo animations. We respect needs of our clients and we know how to make digital beautiful. Our work is worldwide, you can find our signature over the whole world. No more waiting or trying to design logo on your own. Make your business profitable and shiny with StellarUI.

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