Graphic design, Web design, Motion graphics and Social media graphics services for small business and services.



Graphic designer Edinburgh Meadowbank, social media graphics, UI/UX website design

Hello, my name is Igor and I will create amazing motion graphic videos, video edits and beautiful social media content.

My main specialisations are motion graphics, video postproduction and social media content for advertising purposes. I’m fast, highly skilled and UK certified graphic designer in UI/UX design, graphic design masterclass, motion graphics and video postproduction.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable graphic designer to help you with advertising, social media motion content with a professional attitude, contact me today.

Motion Graphics & Social Media Advertising

Would you like to know how to get more attention, or bring more business from social media? I will  take care of motion graphics, video content for Instagram posts, stories, Facebook posts and stories. My main mission is to create high-quality products for modern business owners and startup projects. I’m ready to dress up your business into the shiny coat with a scarf of success, modern, representative hat with a stylish cup of tea.

Social Media Approach

Dive deep into social media advertising and grow together with your business. There are two business models on how to work and turn social media into your side. The first model is very familiar to all of us. Make everything by my self, download some pictures, make some pictures with my phone and copy some advertising models from other businesses. It’s nothing bad on managing social media by yourself, but in little details are hidden the truth. First of all is, what’s works for the other business, doesn’t mean that work for you in the same way. Only eye-catching and original ideas deserve attention. Manage your social media, but lets, make it in a professional way, with a little help.

My Services

If you are looking for professional and modern design, you are on the right place. Please visit my portfolio and contact me. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you and your project.



My Portfolio

Please visit my portfolio subpage and find out more about my work and style.


Freelance graphic and motion designer based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. My specialisations are motion design and video postproduction.